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I want to say that my experience with Patricia was excellent.
She is a real Brazilian girl and moves beautifully and graciously.
I had to perform a samba routine and had very little time.
Patricia found amazing Samba music for the performance, she put together a routine and also took me to find the outfit. She was very professional, reliable as well as supportive, I know she did everything from all her heart.
10 out of 10 Patricia at Club Azucar-Latin dance. I don't think you will find a better teacher anywhere else.
Sandra Shashou

I joined Club Azucar Zumba 2 years ago to help with my weight loss plan as I was under the NHS for my weight, seeing a dietician. I have never looked back, the pounds started to fall off and the most amazing thing I gained my self confidence, exercise and tone while having fun, relieve the stress that I am constantly under and have a totally different outlook and feel 100% more positive. For me Club Azucar has changed my life, I am having fun, made friends and have learned a lot of cultural things. Zumba can burn between 350 and 550 calories per hour. It is your choice. You do not have to know how to dance to Zumba- the instructor will show you all the fitness moves. Get out of the house, the rut you may be in and come and get the warm welcome from Club Azucar and its members. Make that change today. I did.

Gill Ward

I joined Club Azucar just under two and a half years ago. I was quite shy and had a very stressful life. Since joining, I have lost weight, become more energised, much fitter, made friends and have gained more self confidence, but above all I have had so much fun!

I was initially apprehensive , as being a mature woman I was worried about keeping up with the younger girls and looking out of place. However I needn't have worried as I was made to feel very welcome. You can go at your own pace and the teachers break down the dance steps for you. If you don't need to lose weight you can come just for the exercise and fun. I love the latin music and dance moves and I always come out feeling fantastic. I used to go once a week but it soon changed to at least three times a week. I can quite honestly say Zumba has improved my life and I always look forward to my class.
Sandra Terry

I have been doing Zumba at Club Azucar with Patricia and Ginu for over 2 years. I had lost my zest and felt a little bored but I started attending a Zumba class once a week and felt rejuvenated! I do THREE classes a week and never felt better!!! My self-esteem was quickly restored. Now I am having fun when I exercise, whilst toning and burning those calories! Zumba is a form of stress relief after a busy day and it makes me feel really good. This is a very well-run organisation with a friendly environment. Patricia and Ginu makes Club Azucar feel like one big family.

I love it!

Lynne A

"Being a relative newbe to Zumba, Club Azucar extended a very warm welcome from my fist class. The classes are a perfect way to relieve stress after a busy week at work, burn calories and tone the body whilst having fun. The music alone is enough to put a smile on your face and a class just has that feel good factor... consistently. Once a week is just not enough!"

Alison Styles

Anthony has been enjoying lessons from Ginu for over two years and has shown improved co-ordination and confidence in his dancing. As a young Down Syndrome child he has developed a great love of Latin American dance music and loves to dance in social events and public performance.

Peter Casey (Anthony's father)

Zumba at club Azucar is a great way to exercise, its fun and not hard work therefore you don’t realize how many calories you have burnt. If you have had a bad day at work or home Zumba is a greatway to relief the stress and put you back on track. When I go to Zumba it improves my endurance levels and helpstone my body.

Amanda J