Powerband Necklace

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46Powerband-Necklace-2T (1).jpg

Powerband Necklace

  • As with all Nikken magnetic products, the PowerBand uses only static magnets, which do not produce the unwanted energy discharged by electromagnets.
  • The silicone rubber core is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear. A nylon outer shell is breathable and porous, to permit the flow of air.
  • The lightweight design makes PowerBand ideal for wear during sports, and adds to its appeal with athletes and active people everywhere.
  • The neat clasp holds PowerBand securely, but separates easily. Two or more Powerbands can be connected, to create a wristband, necklace or belt of any length.
  • Includes: 1 Nikken PowerBand Necklace Black
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Product description

Professional athletes, amateur athletes and thousands of other men and women have discovered magnetic bracelets. Many sport bracelets or necklaces include magnets, but Nikken combines this with ceramic and tourmaline — to provide a combination of high technology and advanced design.

Magnets (800 gauss), nylon, silicone rubber, strontium ferrite, polyamide, tourmaline, ceramic, stainless steel

Magnetic Technology

Neck 19.7 in/50 cm

Wash gently with warm water and mild detergent only. Dry with soft cloth.