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In Club Azucar, we need to live our lives to the max – healthy so we don’t cancel classes, full of energy to teach every day, supporting our bodies to reduce injuries, pain, and aging, and so these are priority issues for us!

Not surprisingly, we see that our members have the same challenges and the same interests, and so we are happy to share what we have learned and what we do, to help our members join us in living the Club Azucar Life!

Having an interest in our health and energy levels is not new for us – however, what has really made a difference for us is that, by making some simple changes to our environment, and finding ways to live more natural lives even in this modern world, we have seen huge benefits for us, our family, dancers, friends and colleagues. Not only has our health and energy improved, long-term nagging problems have faded away and yet we are not doing anything which gets in the way of our continuing to live our normal lives and fitting in with our family, friends, work, and indeed society around us.


If you would like to talk with us to learn more, please give us a call (07930 546 245), or send us an email at

We have also found an excellent supplier of tools, a Japanese healthcare company which has been in business for more than 40 years helping people live their lives more in touch with nature and our bodies’ needs – if you would like to read more and download the current product catalogue click below .