I joined Club Azucar Zumba 2 years ago to help with my weight loss plan as I was under the NHS for my weight, seeing a dietician. I have never looked back, the pounds started to fall off and the most amazing thing I gained my self confidence, exercise and tone while having fun, relieve the stress that I am constantly under and have a totally different outlook and feel 100% more positive. For me Club Azucar has changed my life, I am having fun, made friends and have learned a lot of cultural things. Zumba can burn between 350 and 550 calories per hour. It is your choice. You do not have to know how to dance to Zumba- the instructor will show you all the fitness moves. Get out of the house, the rut you may be in and come and get the warm welcome from Club Azucar and its members. Make that change today. I did.