6 Lesson Zumba Pack For £54 (Save £12)

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6 lesson deal.jpg

6 Lesson Zumba Pack For £54 (Save £12)

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Get this fantastic discounted mini Zumba offer offer and get the new you in 2018. Enjoy latin dance with our native dance instructors and get into shape. Buy a 6 class block and save £12

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Get yourself into a new fitness trend, feel good, happy & see quick results Learn to develop a new enjoyable dance exercise, save £18 maximum covering 2 months Teach by native instructor

Benefits of ZUMBA program:
– Great dynamic core workout
– High caloric expenditure
– Easy, non-intimidating learning environment
– Weight loss – Positive self-image
– A sculpted body – Exercise in disguise
– Stress relief
– Free of pain

What else are you looking for to get in great shape?

Club Azucar delivers zumba in hammersmith, zumba in chiswick and zumba in London